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20 Last Minute New Year's Eve Nail Art Ideas To Celebrate

Like everything else on the last day of the year, your New Year’s Eve manicure is generally all about putting your fanciest self forward. If the idea of glitz and glitter all of your face isn't super appealing, festive nail designs are a great way to add some sparkle to your style. It will certainly save you the hassle of scrubbing sparkly shadow off your eyes before you crawl into bed with a nice little champagne buzz.

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When it comes to nails, it’s good to know there really aren’t any rules, So, whether you like bold metallics or elegant glitters, there are pretty much endless possibilities to achieving your own perfect New Year’s nail look. And while you can pretty much create any color scheme or design you’d like, the New Year’s Eve palette usually focuses on gorgeous tones of black, white, silver, gold, and champagne — all of which happen to go with any ensemble you had in mind.


Whether your New Year’s Eve involves a big night out at a fancy club or a chill evening with a few close friends, these 20 looks from Instagram are guaranteed to make you (and your tips) dazzle.


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