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Can You Wash A Beauty Blender With Soap? It Depends On What Kind You Use

Our lives changed with the Beauty Blender. True, makeup sponges have always been around and makeup artists have always sworn by them, but it wasn't until the perfectly poofy pink body launched in 2003 that we all experienced the miracle of the BB. If you're anything like me and use yours daily, you may be wondering: Can you wash a Beauty Blender with soap? Here's how to perfectly clean your favorite makeup tool with something you already have in your kitchen cabinet.

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Beauty Blenders work best when they're damp, which allows them to expand into a giant, soft sponge. But that damp environment — combined with oils from your fingers and constant, daily handling — is prime breeding ground for bacteria. No matter how much you clean it, a Beauty Blender isn't meant to last forever. According to beautyblender.com, even with routine cleansing, the lifespan of a sponge is only three months. If you use your blender every day, I recommend cleaning it at minimum once a week. You can even clean it every day after use, it's simply up to you. It's easy to clean before use every time; plus, your BB will already be damp and ready for use! As usual, the cleaner your tools are, the less likely you are spreading bacteria.

While there are tons of sponge cleansers out there, the best and easiest way to clean your sponge is with a gentle, antibacterial soap. I prefer dish soap, like Dawn, when washing my own BB, but any gentle antibacterial soap will do, from BB-specific cleansers to baby shampoo.


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